Pilot Training Course in Canada

Pilot Training Courses in Canada

       Canada is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for those wanting to train to become a pilot. There is many Flight schools are available and offering pilot training courses in Canada.The country with its diverse population of immigrants has led to the growth of airlines. Moreover, the vast and inhospitable terrain necessitates flying to reach out to the far-flung areas within the country. Globally, the Canadian Pilot License is widely recognised and those holding one are working for renowned airlines, UN Relief flights, military aircraft and helicopters. The variety in weather patterns of Canada allows pilots to face sunny weather to get initial training and icy weather with poor visibility as the course progresses. This prepares the student to be able to fly under all climatic conditions.


Pilot Training Institute in Canada

There are more than a hundred of aviation schools, institutes, and academies that offer Pilot training courses in Canada. Although the cost of undergoing pilot training institute in Canada is higher than in India, several students have expressed interest in training in Canada.The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar is comparatively lower than that of countries in Western Europe. With excellent training schools and facilities, Canada offers good value for money.

On completion of the pilot course, students can apply for post-graduate work permits. Foreign Students must hold a Canadian Aviation Category 1 Medical to pursue a Commercial License. They can get it upon their arrival in Canada or have the medical done by an approved Transport Canada Civil Aviation medical examiner in their home country. It is recommended that the medical be done at least a month before arrival in Canada.

How to choose a pilot training schools?

First, determine your aviation goals – whether you want to pursue flying as a hobby or as a career. Then choose the flying schools that best serve your purpose. Once you have drawn up a list, do visit each one of them in person. Just going through the institution’s pamphlets will not help.  During your visit to the training school, speak to the flight instructor. Enquire about the job prospects of students who have passed out of the institution. Also try to speak to the current students. Inspect the classrooms and the training aircraft to check how well equipped it is. The flight college you choose depends on the quality training that you desire in a method that is convenient to your schedule. Ensure that you make the best choice from the numerous pilot training courses and college that Canada has to offer.

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